The YMCA Heritage Exhibition was on launched on 6 June 2019 at the Houses of Parliament in London and travelled to 9 locations across the United Kingdom

In YMCA’s landmark anniversary year, YMCA175 will harness the energy, creative vision and solution-focused approach of thousands of young leaders drawn from more than 100 countries representing six continents of the world in the city where YMCA was founded.

Some 3250 young volunteers and leaders from around the world attended and this was the first stop for the 175 Heritage Roadshow. During the year a small team including significant input from YMCA Springfield College, The Kautz Family YMCA Archive, the archive of the YMCA World Alliance and the Cadbury Research Library in Birmingham England, the Home of the National YMCA of England & Wales Archive made significant contribution to the Exhibition content. They were joined by a group of young people who made significant contributions to the content and design of the Exhibition. 

Photographs from YMCA 175

YMCA175 London Excel

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